This is hard but not very hard

The difficult thing about this new behavior is not allowing myself to turn on the lights until, 9:30 when it is fully dark out here in Corvallis Oregon.  I am used to turning the lights on between 8-9 but out here I have to wait until 9:30, saving as much energy as I can save is the most important thing I try to focus on but it slips my mind from here and there and catch myself midway as I am in the process of turning my lights on.

Difficult so far but has gotten easier, I am saying this because at first I wanted to just ignore it but the more and more I thought of what I was doing, it made more sense to me because in the long run I am gaining a lot of money form not using so much power in my house by having the lights turned on.

Usually my cost would be around 50-60 dollars but I truly feel like know my cost for the bill is gong to be around 30-40 dollars and I cannot wait to see how much my bill will be.

The change felt awkward basically because Im looking outside and knowing what time it is and thinking to myself “why aren’t the lights turned on” next thing, Im remembering why they’re turned of while I’m walking towards the light switch and I just laugh it off and go ahead and sit back down.


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