Suns Out so the Lights is Out

Beautiful isn't it?

What my little project is going to be about conserving energy/power by keeping the lights turned off throughout the day while the sun is up and bright and only using the sunlight as my source of light to see and guide myself around my apartment.  Limitations on how much light is being used inside of the apartment including only allowing myself to use one main light during the night, therefore I am not using up to much energy during the night hours.  I plan to do this everyday,

This connects with sustainability because I will be saving energy and power and lastly saving money that could be spent on food for the apartment.  Keeping the lights off during the day allows for natural sunlight to work with the house instead of using fake lights that could possibly affect someone or irritate them, including using natural lights saving energy and power that is being used up from Pacific Power who use the coal mining to retrieve their power.  Doing this allows me to connect to sustainability for both environmental issues and economic ones too.  This connects to economic because it allows individuals to progressively gain more and more funds that they acquire from not using up the lights and helps the environment be cause it stops natural habitats for living wild organisms having their areas destroyed to build more modernized Pacific Power buildings and etc.

I believe that individuals will see what I am doing as a weird thing but after a while of watching me, will hopefully understand what I am practicing and trying achieve and maybe gain others to join me in what I am doing.  I don’t believe this change will affect my life that much because, I kind of already practice this lifestyle a little bit, maybe it will only be hard when I am reading something and need light but thats about it.  This action is important for global issues because if we destroy more environments to build these power source buildings then we are destroying animals and plants lives that play an important role to the world.  Destroying habitats containing a lot of spiders, spiders help us out by eliminating a lot of bus, if it wasn’t for the spiders we may be out numbered by bugs in certain places around the world, making that area not livable for humans and making certain areas that much more crowded/overpopulated.  Also destroying these environments is destroying plants which are the main cause for giving us air to breathe, fresh air, if use humans and animals don’t have air to breathe then how are we going to survive.  Keeping the lights turned off won’t really affect me to much because I am always outside but I know that it will help me out in a positive way, so yes it will be convenient.


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